Open Discussion: Summer Reading Challenge-Week 1

Our summer reading challenge has started. Thank you to everyone who posted last week.

We featured two more books this past week, If Only In My Dreams by Belle Calhoune and Over the Line by Kelly Irvin. More options for your challenge.

How is everyone doing? What books have you started? What book are you most excited to read?

Happy reading!

Open Discussion: Summer Diverse Reading Challenge

Summer is here and we have a great way to spend it reading!

Reading challenges are a fun way to connect with a community and read some new-to-you authors. It’s also a good way to put a dent in your TBR pile. So let’s do a summer diverse Christian fiction reading challenge.

Post below how many diverse Christian fiction books you want to read between now and Labor Day, September 2nd. We have compiled a list of diverse Christian fiction HERE. Each Saturday, check in and let us know how you are doing. The person who gets the closest to their goal will be featured on the blog. We will announce the winner on September 7th.

Let’s get reading!

Open Discussion: Where can you get diverse fiction published?

Happy Saturday, y’all!

Thanks for joining me as we settle down for another open discussion. One common question I’ve seen across social media is where can you get ethnically diverse Christian fiction published?

Readers are clamoring for fiction that fits their lives. Not everyone around them looks like they do, experiences the same life issues they do, etc. Yet, their fiction usually focuses on the same theme, a Caucasian who lives in a small-town.

A lot of ethnic authors are Indie (independently/self-publishing) publishing their works. Each has their own reason, but some Indie publish, because no one will take their ethnically diverse characters.

So, if you know of an agent or publishing company (small press, big press, etc.) who wants diversity, leave a comment and help an author out. 🙂

But, before you go, since this is an open discussion, tell me, what do you think publishers should do to change the market to be open to everyone regardless of race?

Open Discussion: Who should write ethnic characters?

letstalkOne of my fellow bloggers pointed out a great article, in which they discussed who should be allowed to write ethnic characters. Of course, I immediately began to think about having an open discussion here, hence this post. 🙂

Y’all, my talk-it-out self is practically dancing in my seat waiting to start this discussion. However, the above article has A LOT of topic points. So this week we’re only going to focus on one. (But please read the article in its entirety, it has a lot of great points.)

Some people believe that you can only write what you know (aka are). They want white authors to write white characters and minority authors to stick to their own ethnic group. They believe to do otherwise is shutting out the minority authors as well as stealing from that culture and receiving acclaim for the majority race. Of course, not everyone feels this way, which is where you come in and why we have this open discussion.

To be honest, this is a hot-button topic, but one I think the Christian writing community should have. After all, shouldn’t we be the ones striving for racial reconciliation? Shouldn’t we want the body to come together and celebrate the aspects that make us unique? I can’t wait to hear (read) your thoughts and discuss this more in depth. But first, some ground rules.

  1. This is a safe place and people will be treated with respect no matter their opinion.
  2. Please stay within the purviews of this topic. It’s easy to get distracted and bring up other issues, but like we stated in our welcome posts, our main concern is ethnically diverse Christian fiction.
  3. Have fun, learn something, and discuss and listen with an open heart.

Now for the question this week.

  1. Do you believe that an author should only write what they know, when it comes to race (i.e., white authors write white characters only, Black authors write black characters only)? Why or why not?

Pull up a chair and let’s talk!

Post written by Toni Shiloh

Open Discussion: What is Christian Fiction?

Happy Saturday, Reader Friends!

First, I want to say thanks for making the first week of Diversity Between the Pages such a success! We’re so excited to share the diverse books that these wonderful authors have taken the time to write. Today, I wanted to take the time to have an open discussion about Christian fiction, more specifically: what is it?

Some people may think that if the story is set around a church and the main character is a pastor, then it’s Christian fiction. However, that’s not enough for the publishing industry. Publishers want a novel that illustrates a Christian world view in its plot, characters, or both.

*Note: When I talk about publishers, I would like to point out that this could mean traditional publishers all the way to authors who Independently publish their own works.

Some publishers require the novels to contain no curse words, while others may allow ones by case by case basis (i.e., villain says it, or a non-Christian working towards salvation).

Christian fiction deals with issues in all sorts of fashions. You have redemptive story lines, where the character comes to Jesus. You have books where all the characters are believers and life is idyllic. Whatever your preference, there are bound to be books that fit that preference.

So tell me, what is it about Christian fiction that keeps you reading?

Post written by Toni Shiloh

Welcome to Diversity Between the Pages

diversity-profileThank you for stopping by, Diversity Between the Pages. I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our vision. We wanted to create a place where readers could find Christian fiction featuring diverse characters. So many people seem to have a hard time finding these books.

We want to be able to connect you with the books as well as the authors who have poured their heart onto the pages of a story used to glorify God. Since we live in a diverse world, it would stand to reason that we would desire fiction to reflect diversity.

Our goal is to be “your stop for diverse Christian fiction.” Every book featured on this blog will have a main character (or prominent secondary character) who comes from a diverse racial background (i.e., African American, Asian, Hispanic, etc.)

Mondays, we will share author interviews. Wednesdays, we will share a book spotlight. Fridays we will share a book review.

Please be sure to check out our Contributors. Our Diverse books recommendation page is currently under construction, but we hope to have it up and running soon. You can also find us on Facebook.

Welcome post written by Toni Shiloh.