Book Review: Loving the Athlete

Happy Wednesday reader friends! Today’s book review is Loving the Athlete by Cami Checketts. This is the second book in her newest series. Have you read her newest series?


A world-renowned athlete and a fugitive. When he falls for her will she let him protect her or will she keep running because it’s all she knows?

Sienna Nelson ran away from home to protect her family. She’s lived on her own for nine years and she doesn’t need help from anyone but heaven above. When Corbin Johns discovers her at one of his events can he convince her that she not only needs him, but that she also needs to love him?Famous Friends Romances:
#1 – Loving the Firefighter
#2 – Loving the Athlete
#3 – Loving the Rancher
#4 – Loving the Singer
#5 – Loving the Sheriff
#6 – Loving the Coach
#7 – Loving the Entertainer



This is an incredible read that involves danger, suspense, and romance. Sienna has been on the run and hiding for 9 years. Corbin sees Sienna and ends up chasing after her wanting to know the truth why she had disappeared. Sienna tells him the truth, and Corbin promises to protect her. She is afraid to fall in love with him because she still is in danger and wants to protect her family too.
I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series.


Cami Checketts is the author of over eighty bestselling novels. Her journey began on an Idaho dairy farm daydreaming book ideas on her bike or tractor and landing herself in the hospital numerous times for head wounds. She settled down after college to raise four adventurous boys and write down all those fabulous ideas. Cami thoroughly enjoys living in her imaginary world, but tries to visit her family on occasion. 
Cami loves her husband, her boys, her Savior, her friends, traveling, chocolate, and exercise.


Post by contributor Allyson Anthony


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