Book Review: Perfectly Designed

Hello reader friends! Today’s book review is Perfectly Designed by C.D. Gill. This is a prequel novella to her Against all Odds series. Have you read her Against all Odds series? If not, check out this series.


She craves the thrill rebellion brings.

Gia Carter works at the one of the top architecture firms in the country, has an adult relationship, and a family who loves her. After a lifetime of protection, she kinda likes the dangerous world her boyfriend has exposed her to.

Until the guns are pointed at her.



Perfectly Designed is a short novella to Undefeated and gives us the background as to why Gia left New Orleans for a fresh set. Gia was raised as a ruler follower but is drawn to her boyfriend Bronc, the complete opposite of her. From street racing to a hilarious moment on the golf course to danger, this short story introduced me to Gia and her family members and kept me reading to the end. I highly recommend this novella.


As most authors, I have been writing since I was a little girl. Stories and ideas were written on any type of scrap paper that made its way into my clutches.  Aside from the folders filled with such papers, spiral-bound notebooks could be found strewn about the house with a range of stories from fanciful fiction to autobiography. I had written the first chapter of a fanciful fiction story about the adventures of pants and pantyhose long before Pixar came out with “Toy Story” and “Cars.” My story was similar to “Homeward Bound,” just with a textile twist. What can I say? My overactive imagination was ahead of the curve.

My imagination has matured, and I now have the attention span to sit down and flesh out a story idea before starting another one. My inspiration comes in many forms, but Jesus, travel, cultures, languages, and justice are passions of mine that I love to study and pursue.

rThere’s a big wide world out there beyond what I have seen. There are stories that deserve a spotlight and lessons we can learn, if not through experience then through fiction. Join me in exploring places, hearing stories, and meeting people that will change our path forever.


Posted by contributor Allyson Anthony

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