Book Review: Romancing The Castle

Happy Wednesday reader friends! Do you love castles? Today’s book review is of Romancing the Castle by Cami Checketts.


A single mom who will never forgive the father of her son. A military hero praying for redemption. Is a second chance at love possible?
Denzel Weaver lost his heart as an immature twenty year old. He’ll never forgive himself for his mistake, or forget his lost love.
Sarah Jenkins is a single mother fighting to be a good mom and succeed with her restaurants and her volunteer food pantries. When she’s given the opportunity to win half a million dollars for her charity foundation by going on a reality TV show, she has to say yes.
Leaving her son is going to be rough, spending a week with a handsome man who she loathes is going to be impossible.
In a picturesque castle setting will Sarah win the money? Or will her anger ruin a second chance at love with the man she’ll never forgive?



This was a great story of forgiveness, redemption, and second chances. Denzel and Sarah met when Sarah was 18 and Denzel was a young man. Denzel was ashamed and left because things got out of hand. Sarah became pregnant with their son and raised him alone because they didn’t tell each other their names. They just went by Black Panther and Aphrodite. Imagine their surprise when they meet each other 10 years later when Sarah competes in Axel’s TV show.

The two of them are still attracted to each other, but both have to overcome the guilt and hurt of what happened 10 years earlier. Sarah also struggles if she should tell Denzel he has a son. I highly recommend this book.


Cami Checketts is the author of over eighty bestselling novels. Her journey began on an Idaho dairy farm daydreaming book ideas on her bike or tractor and landing herself in the hospital numerous times for head wounds. She settled down after college to raise four adventurous boys and write down all those fabulous ideas. Cami thoroughly enjoys living in her imaginary world, but tries to visit her family on occasion. 
Cami loves her husband, her boys, her Savior, her friends, traveling, chocolate, and exercise.


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