Top Ten Tuesday; Ten Books I Am Looking Forward To In 2021.

Happy Tuesday and happy New Year, friends! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is ten books I am so looking forward to this year.

Here they are!

  1. Nicole by Sarah Monzon. This amazing rom-com is the book in Sewing in Socal series. You do not want to miss this book.

2. An Unlikely Proposal by Toni Shiloh. Anyone who knows me knows I am partial to every book by Toni Shiloh, but this one is goooood. You just have to get yours.

3. Alway One More Time (Redemption series 1) by Tope Omotosho. She’s my favourite Nigerian Cf writer and her books are wonderful. This releases in March.

4. Separated (Redemption series 2) by Tope Omotosho. I am so giddy waiting for these books. The cover is just wow!

5. Hidden In My Heart by Milla Holt. (Color blind love book 4.) Her books are so refreshing.

6. When The Stars Rain Down by Angela Jackson Brown. The cover is what got me. Gorgeous!

7. A Tapestry Of Light by Kimberly Duffy.

8. Til I Want No More by Robin Pearson.

9. A Future For His Twins by Susanne Dietze.

10. Heart Pressed: Elnora Island (Independence Islands book 8)

These series of books have been heartwarming and sweet.

Okay friend, you’ve seen mine, share yours with us in the comments.


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