10 books Christmas books/novellas for your reading pleasure. Part 1.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and what makes it more enjoyable are the Christmas books I get to read. So I will be sharing a couple of books/novella you can read to equally enjoy the season like me. Some of these novellas are part of a collection.

  1. Hope For The Holiday By Cathe Swanson.

2. A Sidelined Christmas By Toni Shiloh. If you know me, you’d know I love Toni Shiloh. she writes such amazing stories.

3. Deck The Shelves by Toni Shiloh.

4. I’ll Be Home by Toni Shiloh.

5. Christmas Dinner By Pat Simmons.

6. A Christmas Wedding By Melinda Michelle.

7. Catching Feelings For Christmas By Candice Johnson.

8. A Gift Wrapped Christmas By Casandra McLaughlin and Michelle Stimpson.

9. Christmas Box Set by Vanessa Miller.

10. The Christmas Ultimatum by Unoma Nwankor

I know your eyes are bulging and dancing with joy right now. LOL! next week I will deliver to you another dose of Christmas books.

Stay Tuned.

Share with us, have you read any of these? What Christmas books have you read this year so far?


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