Book Review: Forever in My Heart

Happy Wednesday readers! Today’s book review is Forever in my Heart by Dionne Grace. This romantic story also involves a glimpse into the spiritual realm, a realm consisting of angels and dark spirits.


Sherry’s God-given gift allows her to see far beyond the naked eye, just not what He has planned for her.

Throughout Sherry’s life, there was only ever one man. Adrian Chase. She fell deeply, and when they made plans to marry, she thought her life was set.
Strong in the Lord, she has a gift to see into the spiritual realm. But when unforeseeable, uncontrollable circumstances change the course of their lives, the only man she has ever loved ends up with someone else.
Years on, plagued with memories of their past, she is left in limbo and has given up the possibility of ever seeing Adrian again.
All it takes is one fateful weekend and one look into his soulful brown eyes to undo the years of work it has taken to bury the pain that now threatens to tear her apart all over again.

Plagued by her past and the love in her heart, can she move forward with her life?

* This book is a short novel with snippets of Sherry’s life, and her love for Adrian.



Forever in My Heart by Dionne Grace is a different story. It is about Sherry who has a special gift. She is able to see into the spiritual realm, a realm involving angels and dark spirits, and uses her gift to help others. I enjoyed reading the description of the angels and dark spirits because there’s a spiritual battle going on and it’s real. Sherry and Adrian planned on getting married, but circumstances caused them to part, and Adrian married another woman. Fifteen years later they meet at a wedding. I recommend reading Forever in My Heart.


Dionne Grace is a romantic at heart whose love for reading books in her early teenage years enhanced her vivid imagination. She would often invent fascinating love stories to entertain her school friends involving famous pop stars. She loves to write and when she is not writing, she is reading and juggles this with her full-time job.

She hopes her love for God and everything spiritual shines through in her books. She has had these stories on her heart to write for many years and finally found the courage to do so. It is her hope that they touch you in some way.

To find out about new releases, visit her website and join her mailing list. Enjoy free excerpts of her novels on her website.


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