Author Interview.

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Welcome to another beautiful Monday where we get to meet our authors. Today’s spotlight is on Nigerian author Emike Osumah!

  1. Tell us about yourself and your background?

My name is Emike Osumah. I’m a wife, mum and of course a writer. I was born and raised in Edo State, Nigeria. I attended nursery, primary, secondary and University not just in Edo state but right in the very same town where I grew up. Thankfully, national youth service finally flipped things and became my first major phase of life away from that town. Then marriage sealed the deal and made Lagos my new home. That was how Edo State became a place I now visit occasionally.

I have had a flare for writing from as far back as age 6. I told stories in pictures when I couldn’t spell too many words and got into writing stories as they came to me when my vocabulary broadened as a child. Writing has been my happy place ever since just that I didn’t consider it a career until much later in life.

  1. Did your background influence your writing?

Well, I don’t know if I should say yes because since Writing is a natural skill , I’m sure whatever background I found myself in wouldn’t really matter much. Although I would say yes in the sense that the Christian background our parents gave us as Children influenced my kind of writing. I write books and articles that are strongly Christ centered even if they are engaging and entertaining. The core of my writing is Jesus and the reality of His power and love.

  1. How hard was it to write a book in Nigeria with Nigerian characters?

I will say it wasn’t hard. Nigeria is my natural, day to day setting so it’s pretty easy to craft characters who are just like every day Nigerians. What might be difficult for me is writing a book with Italian characters. Not like it would be impossible ,it would just involve much more work.

  1. What is the best investment you’ve made in writing?

I will say, the kind of writing communities I signed up to and am actively involved in. This has broadened my horizon and is still enriching my knowledge.

  1. Tell us about your book (fiction), The writing process?

For me, the message sometimes hits me with just the first couple of scenes and I know this is a story I should write but I seldom have a written out plan from start to finish. I’m only just learning to do that now but basically, I’m the pantser kind of writer. My plot grows as I write. Whether I’m planning ahead or writing straight from my heart to the blank pages of my laptop, the Holy Spirit is my inspiration.

  1. What is one message you’ve love everyone to get from you book.

I would always love my readers to come away with the knowledge that God is not just some detached deity up there but a father, our God who is deeply concerned about our lives , interested in heart matters, everything in between and wants to be right at the middle of our lives. I want them to come away with this knowledge that Jesus is that door to a pulsating relationship with God.

  1. What’s next, should we expect a new book?

Absolutely!! Expect more books. I’m presently working on something. It’s a second edition of a work I published 3 years ago. You will love it!

About The Book.

Her grandma cradles in her arms a baby who will never know her father.

Her mother’s tale isn’t any different.

There is an aunt in the mix with a grimmer tale of three babies, three different fathers.

Joyce Attah is next in line to be served the curse. What does she do when love like Seyi’s comes calling? Stay in the safety of no dates or step into murky waters where a sealed fate awaits?

Ripples…A tale of love, grace and brand new chances.

About The Author

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