Author Interview!

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After reading, another thing I enjoy is meeting authors. The spotlight today would be on the Nigerian Kikelomo Kuponiyi and her debut novel Unfolding Grace.

Let’s meet her!

  1. Tell us about yourself and your background
    I trained as a lawyer but worked in banking for over twenty years. I am currently retired, and keep busy by writing. I have always loved books and reading. I grew up in a house full of books. My parents loved reading and they had books covering a variety of topics, both educational and fiction. So, I grew up reading and developed a love for books.
  2. Did your background influence your writing?
    I always wanted to write my own book. Yes, my background influenced my wanting to write.
  3. How hard was it to write a book in Nigeria with Nigerian characters?
    I live in Nigeria and writing about Nigerians came easily to me. I just wrote about the people around me, the everyday people and every day life happening around me. I enjoy reading books about Nigerians because I can identify with their lives.
  4. What is the best investment you’ve made in writing?
    I think my best investment was paying someone to edit my novel. It was worth the investment of money and time, and I was pleased with the outcome.
  5. Tell us about your book (fiction), the writing process?
    I had written Unfolding Grace many times in my head before I put pen to paper. I had talked about it a lot, but eventually put it down. I was stuck a few times, but I would just leave it for a few days while I ran through different scenarios in my mind. I would eventually go back to it when I had decided on how the book would move.
  6. What is one message you would love everyone to get from your book.
    My main message in Unfolding Grace is that God has a good plan for everyone. Even though it may not look like it at the beginning, if we trust in God and obey Him, He causes His grace to unfold in our lives and perfects His plan in such a way that we are amazed and pleasantly satisfied when we see the end result of His works.
  7. What’s next, should we expect a new book?
    Yes, I am currently working on another novel which should be out in a few months.

Book Blurb

Bayo had it made. A rich father and good business acumen; a beautiful, professional fiancée, a new business that promises a wealthy future. What more could he ask for? Things were looking good. Then God stepped in! What happens now? Thus starts the journey of his life, where he would need God’s unfolding grace to come into the future pre-planned for him.

You can get your copy via AmazonOkadabooksSmashwords, Apple Books and so many other ebook retailers, worldwide.  It’s also part of the Bambooks library!

About The Author.

Author Bio:
Kikelomo Kuponiyi is a retired banker, lawyer and writer. After obtaining her law degree, she ventured into banking, where she worked for over two decades. Her love for the arts was however kept alive through writing journals, poetry and short stories. She recently retired from banking and is walking with God to navigate His plans for the second half of her life. Unfolding Grace is her first published novel. She blogs at She is married with three children and lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Instagram @kikekups_author
Facebook Kikelomo.Kuponiyi
Twitter @KayKups


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