Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Diverse Books I’d Love To Read.

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is Ten Diverse Books I’d love To Read. I recently posted a poll in a bookish group I a part of these books came up more than once. So, I am hoping to get to read them before the year ends. I thought to share with you so you could join me!

If I Believe (A Promises of God Novel) (Volume 2)

From the gorgeous cover to the captivating book blurb. This is definitely a book I want to read.

Though I Stumble (Promises of God Novel)

This is the book 1 of Promises of God Novel and the covers are just too gorgeous.

When I’m Tempted (A Promises of God Novel) (Volume 3)

This series keeps getting better!

The Book in Room 316

This book has all the appearances of an interesting and captivating book.

Lady of the Church

Honestly, it was the tittle that drew me in! I can’t wait to read what the book is about.

Trey (The Jacksons Book 3)

Yes, I am a sucker for gorgeous covers. They are usually the first thing that makes me read a book and this book is not exception.

Deuce (The Jacksons Book 2)

There is something about this series that is captivating. I know I just need to read these books.

Ace (The Jacksons Book 1)

Tory (Girls from the Mountain Book 2)

I have a feeling this book is going to be all shades of amazing and class!!!

A Long Time Comin’

I’ve heard so much about the book!

Yeah, so that is my list. Share with us your own stack of diverse books you’ve love to read in the comment section below.

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