Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Opening Lines from Diverse Books and Authors

Today’s Top Ten theme is Opening Lines. Here are my favorite opening lines from books featuring diverse main characters or books written by diverse authors.

Conspiracy of Silence, Ronie Kendig

“Separate yourselves from this assembly, so I can put an end to them at once!”

Silent Shadows, Natalie Walters

Pecca Gallegos never thought she’d be turning down a marriage proposal — much less four of them.

Thief of Corinth, Tessa Afshar

You asked me once how a woman like me could become a thief.

Sheriff, Laura Scott

The low rumble of a car engine caused FBI Agent Julianne Martinez to freeze in her tracks.

Her Hidden Hope, Jill Lynn

Evan Hawke no longer considered a particular place home, but the city of Westbend, Colorado – where he’d spent his childhood – was fighting him on that idea like a boxer with a mean left hook.

Gone Missing, Camy Tang

The man had danger written all over him.

Shelter of the Most High, Connilyn Cossette

The pulse of the sea pressed me forward, urging my body deeper into its embrace.

Between Two Shores, Jocelyn Green

“I told you, I’m not staying.”

Missing Mercy, Stephania H. McGee

The dust motes swirled in the land of discarded treasures, rising from where they had collected for generations to find flight once more around what had once been a grand ballroom.

Burden of Proof, DiAnn Mills

Eerie feelings rarely something to ignore, and hostage negotiator Special Agent April Ramos feared her arrival at a critical scene might be too late.

How about you?

What first lines of books with diverse characters or by diverse authors rank among your favorites?

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Post by contributor Danielle Grandinetti.


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