Book Spotlight: Some Of My Favorite Diverse Reads (Part 1)

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Today, I want to look at more than one book – in fact, several of my favorite diverse reads, specifically with ethnically diverse characters & blended cultures. But there’s …. uh… a lot… so I’m breaking this into more than one post 😀

First up – visit the Maple Run series by Toni Shiloh for mouthwatering food, compelling characters and touching romance!


Still hungry after visiting Maple Run? Hungry for a good cozy mystery? Definitely check out the Noodle Shop Mysteries by Vivien Chien.

death by dumpling

And if you’re still hungry… Plan a trip to the Kebab Kitchen Mysteries by Tina Kashian

Hummus and Homicide - Final Cover

I love Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings, a retelling of the biblical story of Ruth & Naomi, with a young Mexican widow learning to navigate the ways of the American West.


And prepare to fall in love with Red Shirt in Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz!

courting morrow little

Speaking of falling in love… Karim. The Esther Paradigm (and swoony Karim) by Sarah Monzon is bravely unique to Christian fiction but it is here ‘for such a time as this’.


Millie may only have a supporting role in The Memoir of Johnny Devine by Camille Eide, but I adore her character. Not to mention the unforgettable side plot involving racial oppression and how it directly affects her.

the memoir of johnny devine new

What about you? Have you read any of these diverse reads yet? (Stay tuned for the rest of my list next week!


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