Open Discussion: Christmas Traditions

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Happy Saturday, Reader Friends!

I love learning about how different cultures celebrate holidays. I think it show how much creativity and wonder there is in the world. I love when I’m in a good book, and I get wrapped up into the story so much that I want to be sitting next to the main character, experiencing the music, tasting the food, smelling the aromas.

This recently happened to me when I was reading Cynthia Marcano’s story (“Have Yourself a Merry Little Cocoa”) in our new boxed set, A Merry Navidad. I was really getting into the pastelitos de guayaba and the pernil, so I decided to badger her to add the recipes at the end of her story. Now I have a great recipe for pernil! And reading the whole set, reeeeeeally got me in the mood to make tamales this Christmas.

I love how books can transport us and how we take feelings and ideas back home with us. I’d like to hear what Christmas books filled you with the Christmas spirit and led you to do something.

I grew up in NJ with an Italian background, so we have often had lasagna or stuffed shells for Christmas Eve and usually a ham for Christmas day. In Mexico, where my husband’s from, some traditional foods at Christmas are: tamales, romeritos, champarrado, buñuelos, ponche, pozole. The list goes on. Also in Mexico, they do Las Posadas, where they parade around town as pregnant Mary and Joseph, knocking on neighbor’s doors, until they find their manger. They also have fireworks and celebrating January 6th (Three Kings’ Day) is a big deal, even bigger than Christmas.

Also what are your family’s and your culture’s Christmas traditions? Please tell us in the comments below about.

*Post written by Allison K García, contributor

tamales, pupusas, and tacos - oh my!


4 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Christmas Traditions

  1. I’m Italian and Polish. Growing up, Christmas consisted of the standard Thanksgiving meal…turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, etc. Where our culture came out was through our baking. Italian and Polish cookies, cakes, and breads. They were the best part!!! But, our traditions have changed. With the exception of one brother, my brothers and sister have married into new cultures. My husband is Mexican, my sister-in-law is Mexican, and my brother-in-law is African American. Our Christmas meals have become more a hodgepodge of the new and old cultures melding together. This Christmas, we’re having enchiladas, chicken tortilla soup, ceviche, and tamales. But, we’re still having our Italian and Polish baked goods. It’s a fabulous melding of food cultures. And, now I’m starving thinking about Christmas dinner!!! 😀

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    1. We have a similar thing going on! I’m also part Italian and so we would also do the traditional Neil but ours would be more like stuffed shells or lasagna or sometimes ham and all the fixings but now we are having tamales this Christmas and pan con pollo and also Italian wedding cookies and earlier we had stuffed shells. I think it’s awesome to have and learn from other cultures.

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      1. I agree. I now look forward to what my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are going to bring to Christmas! So much fun to experience new foods! I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

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