Open Discussion: Christian Fiction only or Clean Reads Too?

Happy Saturday, Reader Friends!

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve had a open discussion. But today’s discussion isn’t so much about diversity, but regarding the future of Diversity Between the Pages. 

It has always been our goal to bring you diverse Christian fiction. There are so many readers who don’t know the books are out there. Our contributors work hard to interview the authors, spotlight the books, and share the thoughts in reviews.

What we are wondering and contemplating is if we should not expand that read to clean reads. So what say you? Should we stick to bringing you diverse Christian fiction only or would you like to read diverse clean fiction as well?

Sound off in the comments! Thank you. 🙂

Posted by Contributor Toni Shiloh


15 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Christian Fiction only or Clean Reads Too?

  1. Clean would be great too. I can definitely think of some squeaky clean Diverse Non Christian Books and/or Christian Authors who write clean/sweet to broaden their market and it would be great to hear about them too. There are so few nitches for this anyway that any exposure would be great for readers and authors. So glad you are running this blog!

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  2. So, I mainly read Christian Fiction because I find the faith thread adds a whole new dimension to the story and that makes me connect emotionally in a deeper way. But, having said that, there are so many Christian Fiction novels being published now without an inspirational thread, or at least a significant one, that I’d be open to reading a clean read too…if I knew up front that’s what it was. I get frustrated when I buy a Christian Fiction novel and don’t get the faith I’m expected but if I go into the read knowing it’s not going to be there then I bet I’ll be happier. 🙂

    And I like what Jayna said about broadening the market for Christian Authors who write clean/sweet and helping to broaden their market.

    BUT I also like a definition of a clean read. Because I’m finding there are many shades of clean. I’ve read Christian published authors’ secular books and been gobsmacked at the content — as in language and bedroom scenes.

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    1. And I apologize for the mistakes in that comment…not sure if I’m blaming the long, hot walk home from the library or the fact that my library bag is full of new books waiting for me to take them out and introduce them to their friends on my TBR pile.

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    2. Thanks, Kav! If we promote clean reads it won’t be ones with language and bedroom scenes. And we’ll be sure to let y’all know beforehand if it’s clean or CF.

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  3. A vote here for clean (or wholesome) diverse reads!

    I know that labels can get tricky, as sometimes even mature Christian Fiction or gritty biblical material wouldn’t technically be G- or PG-rated “clean”–books with sensual content like Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, military thrillers that include war violence with their faith messages, and other real-life stuff.

    Still, it’s great to find books for readers who enjoy milder content. And I think it can be especially good for books with African American main characters, as there’s kind of a stigma that assumes any story about black folks will probably be “ghetto” or salacious. (No offense meant to AA writers who know their market!)

    So, yeah. Another vote for clean or wholesome diverse books. 🙂 Thanks for bringing up the idea!


  4. My husband is the Pastor of an inner-city church. We are a diverse church with Latino, African American and White. (we are white). Our local library has a section titled Urban Fiction which is all very inappropriate books that I can’t get past the cover. I would love to learn of clean reads to recommend to my reader friends at church in addition to Christian Fiction
    I wish there was more diversity in Christian Fiction and I am thankful to have found this website!


  5. My vote is for clean reads too. Here’s the thing… sometimes I’ve seen books labeled as “Christian” and yet I don’t see anything about Christ actually in them. Other times I’ll read a book that’s NOT labeled as Christian, but it seems like it is. Another thing is that sometimes the content in a Christian book isn’t necessarily “cleaner” than a secular in the same genre, but it may be more “moral”. I think when people read Christian books they are generally hoping for a “cleaner” alternative to the other secular options out there. Not saying they aren’t looking for faith as well, but I think clean reads can be enjoyable as well and feel “safer” as far as content goes.

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