Book Spotlight: Pain’s Purpose by LaToya C. Martin

Happy Wednesday, Reader Friends!

I’m so excited for today’s book spotlight featuring Pain’s Purpose by LaToya C. Martin! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing LaToya since childhood. (We won’t say how long it’s been.) Check out her debut novel!

About the Book

The Blurb: “With life growing inside of her, Talia Williams finally understood that love could no longer hold her abusive marriage together. To prevent losing another baby, she seeks refuge with her parents, but with Khalil hot on her trail, she is forced to move in with her sorority sister, Alanna Davis. Living under one roof gives the women an opportunity to reconcile past differences and together deal with love, pain, and life’s transitions.

Realizing that the search for his wife is in vain, Khalil retreats. He comes to accept the consequences of his actions and attempts to reconstruct his life, but an unexpected visitor from his past may destroy all that he has worked to rebuild.

Eventually, futile efforts to handle life on her own push Talia into the arms of Christ and give her the hope that she needs to believe that her marriage can be healed. Just when all seems well, she is blindsided by tragedy, causing her faith and relationships to be stretched to the limit.

Pain’s Purpose is the first in a series that tells the story of reconciliation, forgiveness, and discovery of unconditional love.”

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About the Author

The first-time novelist LaToya C. Martin has loved writing since childhood. LaToya hails from San Antonio but has resided in the Houston for almost a decade, where she raises a precocious daughter and teaches students with hearing loss, all the while remaining an active member of her church and community.

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