Open Discussion – Contemporary Romance Authors

Hey Diverse Reader Friends!

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend! I thought it would be fun to share our favorite contemporary romance author (or two) who writes ethnically diverse characters.

If you’re an author yourself, feel free to leave a link to 1 of your books. If you’d like us to feature it on our diverse book recommendation page, please contact us.

Me first: Kim Cash Tate


14 thoughts on “Open Discussion – Contemporary Romance Authors

    1. Whee — this is exciting because it’s in paperback and available in Canada. Love Unfeigned is in my cart waiting for my next order! So — the issue I have reading diverse is that I don’t read ebooks and a lot of the books I see are only in that format.


  1. Welll….superduper SQQQUUUEEAAAAALLLLLL — I just noticed two of Toni Shiloh’s books are available in print on Now they are in my cart ttoo. Eeeeep. Why didn’t I notice that before?

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  2. For historical I love Piper Huguley’s novels. And if you like romantic suspense, Lisa Carter has a number of novels with Native American heroes and heroines.

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  3. Oops — it’s not historical day yet. πŸ™‚ I’d add Belle Calhoune to your contemporary lists. I’ve only read her Love Inspired novels but she’s self-pubbed some awesome (or so I hear) diverse contemporary fiction. Sadly they are only in ebook so I haven’t read them, but I love the LI books I’ve read so I have confidence that her self-pubbed books are just as good with the added benefit of diverse characters.

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