Open Discussion – How to Deal with Prejudice/Racism towards Diverse Books

DBTP - letstalkHappy Saturday, Diverse Book Readers!

I hope everyone has had a lovely week. There has been a lot of negative news in the last few days, so I am glad to have a place like this where people can encourage each other and where we can see that there is hope for a brighter, more diverse future in literature and the world in general.

With the current volatile climate towards diversity, diverse books are more important than ever. Diverse books throughout time have changed people’s views and hearts.

But still there will be people who are angry about diversity and who may even quote scripture or use their words of hatred to quell excitement about diverse books.

This week’s question is: What should we do (or what have you done) when confronted with prejudice or racism towards diverse literature? And what are some of your favorite diverse books that have made a difference in the world?

Please comment below! We can all learn from each other. 🙂

Discussion by Allison K. Garcia


2 thoughts on “Open Discussion – How to Deal with Prejudice/Racism towards Diverse Books

  1. Personally, my focus is to raise awareness where I can, to keep calling for change where I believe there’s a need for it, and most importantly, to put my energy into *the work*–to keep seeking out, reading, writing, publishing, and sharing diverse books.

    I could spend my energy screaming and debating against people who are dead set on fighting diversity in the industry, but I’ve never really seen that you can scream and debate someone into a change of heart. Besides, at the root of prejudice and racism is ignorance and fear, and I can’t be dragged down to someone else’s level just to scream at their fears. There’s too much more to do. 🙂

    I think it’s important to choose your battles wisely and to put the greater part of your time and energy into positive production. Basically, don’t just talk (argue) about it. BE about it. Walk your walk. 😉

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    1. Love this! Walk your walk. That is my hope…that by writing what I feel God has given me to write and speaking with my heart, I hope the truth shines through. And yes about the screaming. Tried that and failed. 🙂

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