Open Discussion – Is Change Coming?

Happy Saturday, Diverse Reader Friends!

Did you have a blessed week? I hope so! I’m happy because I get to talk diversity. What I want to explore is the question “is change coming?”

As I’ve been interacting around the bookish world in social media, I’ve noticed more and more conversations about diversity. And I promise I’m not always the ones starting these conversations. 😉

So is change coming? Do readers finally want to see diverse characters? Are publishers ready to market diverse Christian fiction?

Share an instant where you’ve noticed change or started change. Together, we can make a global impact!

4 thoughts on “Open Discussion – Is Change Coming?

  1. I have seen more diversity in film and TV and a bit more in books. There is still a long way to go and I think we took a big step backwards last November IMO. Considering there is a Klan rally happening in Charlottesville this week, I would say there is a long way to go still…

    On a happy note…several people who I thought might never read my book, read it and liked it. I even got it into a local Christian bookstore (where others haven’t been able to). Sometimes people surprise you!

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  2. I wouldn’t exactly say my reasoning is scientific 😀 , but, yes, I believe change is coming because there’s a rising call for it. There often comes a point when it’s *time* for something to happen. People begin to sense it, begin to realize that something’s not as it should be, begin to speak up about it, and begin to take action in their own ways.

    The face of Christian Fiction and the needs of the Christian reading community are changing, and I think change will continue, because it’s time for it.


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