Open Discussion – Who Writes Diverse Christian fiction?

Happy Saturday, friends!!

Thanks for stopping by Diversity Between the Pages. Today, I wanted to share a list of authors who write ethnically diverse Christian fiction. Some of these authors write other books as well, so if you’re looking for just diverse fiction take note. I’m only including a few authors for brevity’s sake, so please, if you know of an author or two (or more), please add them in the comments.

Also, remember to check out our Diverse Book Recommendations page. You can click on the cover to go to Amazon and learn more.

  • Piper Huguley
  • Connie Almony
  • Alana Terry
  • Stacey Hawkins Adams
  • Allison K. Garcia
  • Ruth Logan Herne
  • Melissa Wardwell
  • Varina Denman
  • Neta Jackson
  • Cynthia Marcarno
  • Nadine Keels
  • Tessa Afshar
  • Kim Cash Tate
  • Michelle Stimpson

13 thoughts on “Open Discussion – Who Writes Diverse Christian fiction?

  1. Thanks for the list — I only recognize a few names so you’ve given me some new-to-me authors to check out. Lisa Carter writes romantic suspense and a number of her characters are Native American — including heroes and heroines.

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  2. I’ve only read one book by each of them so far, but Ben Sciacca (contemporary fiction), Sydney Tooman Betts (historical fiction), and Kachi Ugo (Christian fantasy) are worth checking out. I’d also add Liwen Y. Ho and Pat Simmons for contemporary romance, Camy Tang for chick lit/romance, Vanessa Riley for Regency romance, and Lori Benton for historical fiction. (Liwen Y. Ho and Kachi Ugo–I think–also write secular fiction, just to be aware.)

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  3. Oh–and I forgot Susan Valles for Biblical fiction! Although the times and settings of Biblical fiction call–or should call–for ethnic diversity anyway, I’m still excited about what I’ve seen from this author so far.

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  4. My friend, Regina Rushing, writes diverse Christian fiction but her 1st book is on the way to getting published. It’s Biblical fiction called Seal of the Sand Dweller and should be out by the end of the year.

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  5. Mimi Milan has written two historical westerns: A Rebel in Jericho and Twice Redeemed.

    She also has contemporary books from the Angel Paws Rescue series. Those titles are Scent of an Angel, Touched by an Angel, and When Angels Sing.

    All her books raise funds for various causes. The first series donates twenty percent to fight human trafficking. The other goes to Pets for Patriots.

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