Book Review: Signs of Life by Valerie Banfield

Happy Friday, Reader Friends!

I hope you’re having a great week. Today, I’m sharing a review of Valerie Banield’s Signs of Life. But first, let’s share a little info about the book.

About the Book

Maybe Zach Hoyt’s expectations were overly optimistic; the business he inherited from his father wasn’t exactly booming. He might also concede that he was a tad naïve to imagine that his past would remain buried, along with his sullied reputation. Now what?

Juanita Hoyt wants a do-over. She shouldn’t have yielded to her husband’s unrelenting pleas to move to this ghastly community. Now Zach has hatched a harebrained scheme to save the business and, once again, he hasn’t heeded her objections.

Stan Benton collects trouble like a magnet picks up stray nails, and he reaps disorder as often as he dispenses justice. Every little thing fuels his bitterness and his anger—dangerous traits for an officer of the law.

When hoodlums set out to overturn the good intentions of the neighborhood watch, why do they heap their efforts at Zach’s feet? Why him? And why does Stan get stuck babysitting the community where his notoriety makes him about as welcome as the hooligans he’s charged to deter? Is anyone in control here?

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This was my first read by Ms. Banfield and I enjoyed it. First, let’s talk diversity. The book takes us on the journey of Zach Hoyt who is Caucasian; his wife, Juanita, who is American Indian; and Stan Benton, who is African American. There are also a diverse cast of secondary characters. I would have loved this book alone for that reason, but Ms. Banfield added another element: Juanita is deaf.

I adore that Ms. Banfield tackled this subject. Her deafness is what ties all the stories in together. I would categorize this book as general fiction, because it’s not just one person’s story. It kind of reminded me of a TV show and then you find out how it all intersects together.

I also loved the faith element. To see where another struggles in their faith helps you realize you’re not alone. It also shows you where your lacking in trust. This book is realistic, captivating, and full of diversity.

*I received a free copy of this book. This review is my own, honest opinion.

About the author

Valerie Banfield is a talespinner to the lost, the loved, and the found. When she isn’t making up stories, she tangles with basket weaving projects, defies thousand-piece jigsaw puzzles, immerses herself in good books, and enjoys early morning walks with her dogs. She counts her participation in international short-term missionary campaigns among her life’s most blessed and humbling journeys, and firmly believes that when we give God control, He rocks our world. These days the Central Ohio transplant enjoys the warmth and sunshine of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Some day she might adjust to the humidity.

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Review by Toni Shiloh



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